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Growing up in Memphis and always wanting to explore, I left after high school never to return.  My first two years were in Baton Rouge at LSU where my roommate was from New Orleans - I still remember my first beer with him on the sidewalk in front of Fat Harry's watching the streetcar rumble by.  New Orleans never left my soul.  I lived all over: Colorado, Santa Barbara, DC, L.A., NYC, Florida, and San Francisco. Traveling as much as I could; North Dakota, Hawaii and Alaska are the only states I have not visited, so you can see why it took 9 1/2 years to graduate from San Francisco State with a degree in Accounting as well as a degree in Finance.  Working on the Options floor of the San Francisco Stock Exchange during the first stock market bubble was a crazy and learning experience as well as moving to New York to get my auditing experience to become a CPA.  Well, that was the plan, but 12 hour days at a dark desk for two years was not going to do it for me - especially after the move to NYC was a 9 month cross country, side track road trip in a Volkswagen van without a/c.  New Orleans kept calling and I have been here since 2000 (New York tried to hold onto me for a year after Katrina).  20 years of buying, selling, flipping, renovating, gutting, managing, and building properties in New Orleans has been a great time.  All of that experience, along with my financial background, allows me to help my clients in every way possible. I have two energetic sons and a gorgeous wife, so as the song goes "I have found me a home". Let me help you work with yours.

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